Border Morris Dance

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Border Morris
Les Tartes du Pommes Border Morris Side







The Morris group has temporarily disbanded through lack of new recruits. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member. New members, dancers or musicians  (aged 12 and above) are always welcome. To become a Member, download and fill out the membership form: Print Membership Form

The group ‘Dance-Out’ on various occasions throughout the year; May Day being the most significant of these.

The term ‘Border Morris’ refers to a collection of local dances from the villages along the Engish side of the Wales-English border. It is part of the larger morris dance tradition. The dance involves a varying number of people from two upwards, with common features including the rhythmic step and the use of ‘sticks.’ The side wear the traditional ‘Tatter Jacket’ (in shades of green and red), black boots, bells, and a top hat. Members are expected to contribute to the cost of their costume.  The musical  instruments used for Morris dance are traditionally the melodeon, drums, fiddle and flute.

Grateful thanks to Anonymous Morris for their encouragement.

Anonymous Morris


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